Business Times Kenya


Business Times Kenya is an online publication that covers business news from within the country and outside. Started at a time when numerous other business-related blogs and sites were already thriving, the company needed an effective marketing approach to stay afloat. Therefore, we took over the digital and content marketing of Business Times Kenya and ever since we have had great milestones to look up to.

Client’s Concerns

  • Low traffic
  • No conversions
  • Weak social media presence

Our Suggestions and Approach

When we took over the site in 2018, its daily traffic was in tens and the Facebook page had only 35 followers.

We suggested a change in the marketing approach:

  • First, we began by suggesting a change in the structure and content of all article shared on the site – we needed articles that were SEO-focused (it helped in ranking as well as increasing the site’s readership).
  • Secondly, we focused on sharing unique content and this guaranteed the indexing of the site by Google.

We have seen significant success with our digital and content marketing approaches at Business Times Kenya including:

  • Growth of Facebook followership from tens to thousands
  • Partnership with Gina Din Group, Cyton Investments, 22bet, among others
  • Generated numerous leads through social media and sharing of articles